Lampang Resort and surroundings


Lampang is a small city in the north of Thailand and offers a relaxing atmosphere combined with an authentic experience. The city sometimes feels like it hasn’t changed in 50 years, with horse carriages driving around, people being quiet and relaxed and the nature stunningly beautiful. In this quiet city and province is a quiet and relaxing resort; The Lampang River Lodge Resort.

Lampang River Lodge is a peaceful hotel with a Lanna atmosphere surrounding it. It is an environmental-friendly hotel that provides you with an authentic holiday. This fits the area of Lampang very well and thus giving you the true northern experience. The hotel has all the needed facilities to ensure a pleasant stay at the resort. A beautiful swimming pool located next to the river makes relaxing at Lampang River Lodge an immersing experience.

As said above, the resort provides everything that would be needed for an enjoyable stay, besides the hotel the area offers many pleasuring activities as well that will most definitely keep you busy. A government-owned elephant park is located in Lampang providing an animal-friendly way to see the national animal of Thailand. Besides that, bikes and horse-carriages are a great way to transport yourself around and explore the area. Lampang city itself also has four little markets and a walking street to explore. The great thing about these markets is that it has this real Thai experience with it being mainly for the locals and such you see friendly smiles all around you just enjoying the evening in a leisurely pace.


Chae Son National Park

Furthermore Lampang has a beautiful national park called Chae Son. This park is home to the Chae Son waterfall after which the park has been named. The park has plenty of great walking paths and some restaurants and Coffee places where you can relax with a nice beverage after a long walk. While the park offers some great walking path, it is not limited to just that, the park has a few hot springs and some water where you can dangle your foots in to relax from the surroundings. The national park is definitely worth a visit and you will not be disappointed.

After having explored the national park and having refreshed at the resort you can go towards the town to go and explore the walking street. The name is Taladkao Road and is located by the Wang River and used to be a spot for merchants. Now it turns into a walking street on Saturday, providing handmade products, antiques, souvenirs and local delicious food. Besides that musicians are playing traditional Thai music making the street light up with a happy vibe.

All in all, Lampang is a quiet and relaxing province in-between bigger cities in the north and giving you a great spot to relax before continuing your travel through the land of smiles, Thailand.