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Lampang, a forgotten place


Everyone visiting Thailand is familiar with Chiang Mai, most of them are familiar with Sukhothai and quite a few with Chiang Rai. But Lampang is often forgotten and passed without much care of it. Admittedly, It is a small place with not a lot to do but isn’t that one of the reasons you go to Thailand? To explore the hidden places and get new stories and adventures. Well in that case Lampang is the perfect spot for you, a quiet city in the north of Thailand closely located to Chiang Mai. At times the village seems to stay the same although the world around changes. It is the only place in Thailand where people still ride around in horse carriages. Wait what? Horse Carriages? Yes you heard it, you can ride around town on the back of the horses.


Lampang Resort and surroundings


Lampang is a small city in the north of Thailand and offers a relaxing atmosphere combined with an authentic experience. The city sometimes feels like it hasn’t changed in 50 years, with horse carriages driving around, people being quiet and relaxed and the nature stunningly beautiful. In this quiet city and province is a quiet and relaxing resort; The Lampang River Lodge Resort.