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About Lampang River Lodge

Lampang is primarily known as the Horse Carriage town. Nowadays the renowned name still exists and visitors can commonly see the horse carriages in Lampang town as a public transport. . Famous for its horse carriages and with a white rooster as its provincial emblem, Lampang boasts a long history of human settlements on the Wang River in Northern Thailand, more than 1,000 years. It is rich in archaeological evidence reflecting ancient civilizations of Thailand and Burma.


Lampang is also the major hub for ceramics production. It became a center of ceramic production when three tradesmen from China traced the source of some quality white clay to Jae Hom district in 1947. Nowadays, there are nearly 200 ceramics factories in Lampang and the best products are made for export

Besides Lampang also houses the Elephant Conservation Centre, the location of the world's only elephant hospital. Situated on the Lampang-Chiang Mai Superhighway, a number of elephants are trained here for logging. The center also provides elephant shows including various activities such as bathing, working, logging and exotic elephant riding.

With fertile natural surroundings, Lampang offers several attractive tourist sites including Doi Khuntan National Park which is a famous camping site with nature trails; Chae Son National Park which covers several attractive spots including hotsprings, Chae Son, and Mae Mon Waterfalls and Doi Luang National Park which has Wang Kaeo Waterfall, one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Lampang.

Apart from natural attractions, Lampang has countless of fascinating temples. Wat Phrathat Lampang Luang is the most important temple of the city and embraces genuine Lanna architecture and art which are rarely these days elsewhere in the region. (Source: Tourism Authority of Thailand).